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Basic informations

“ACOLOR Ltd. – Sale o materials for surface treatment of wood.”

The company supplies professional materials for surface treatment of wood (representation of Widschek Lacke, Naxo Flex, Svedo).
Furthermore: varnishes, cements and fillers, mordant, glazing, HOBBY programme, paints and varnishes for paper, for railway, for pools, for signification of roads, for walls and plasters, car paints, protection against rust and corrosion, paints against vibration, spatulas and stuccos for building industry, adhesives for wood, special vegetable oils and waxes, polyurethane foams, polyester resins for lamination, rust remover, old paints removers.

Materials from CIRANOVA Company are high-quality natural oils, waxes and shellacs. Thanks to them the wood gets the natural protection and appearance. At this time, when the wood is industrially completed by adulterate varnishes - what is essentially the plastic - the oils and waxes are pleasant change and return to the “roots”.

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Address and contacts

Semovická 498

Bystřice u Benešova

257 51

Česká republika

Tel.:+420 317 793 437

Fax: +420 317 729 160



Promotional materials

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