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Address and contacts

Svatoplukova 82

Hranice I - Město

753 01

Česká republika

Tel.:+420 581 602 642

Mob.:+420 602 724 458

Fax: +420 581 606 542

E-mail: sigad@sigad.cz

Internet: www.sigad.cz


Basic informations

We sell pumps and couplings. We deal with designing, sale, repairs and services of pumps and other commodities such as vacuum pumps, couplings, seals, mixers, air blast, compressors and others which are related to pumping technology. The base of our activity is cooperation with the companies not only in the Czech Republic but also all over the world, with companies which produce or distribute required commodities.

Other services, that are provided, can be summarized in the few points:

Adherence to price level of production, sale or distribution organizations in the Czech market.
Supplies of goods from foreign companies outside EU including providing of all requirements connected with customs procedure and transport in the Czech Republic for free.

Presenting of alternative solutions of required solution from various producers or suppliers. It allows utilization of offers for selection procedure.

We look forward to cooperation with you!


Promotional materials

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