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Address and contacts

Hejtmánkovice 2

Broumov 1

550 01

Česká republika

Tel.:+420 491 522 212 - 215

Mob.:+420 737 261 690

Fax: +420 491 522 213

E-mail: braha.plasty@tiscali.cz

Internet: www.brahaplasty.cz


Basic informations

The company BRAHA plasty, s.r.o. especially specializes in molding pressing, welding from plastics, mold production. Tool factory – production of injection molds. Plastic mill – up to a maximal locking force 4000kN weight 1286g. Plastic pressing – with inserting mouldings. Pressing of thermoplastics and plastics. Plastics and plastic processing by pressing to molds. Mold production for plastics to universal frames. Injection molds – construction – production – proving. Mold proving – with a locking force 4000kN – weight 1286g. Plastic parts and products – up to weight 1,25kg. Plastic mouldings on injection machines – max. locking force 4000kN weight 1286g. Pressing molds – also for reference samples or small series with a pressing-on. Welding of plastics. Repairing of plastics by welding. Repairing of automotive plastic parts by welding. All information on www.BRAHAplasty.cz.


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