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Address and contacts

Líšťanská 499

Město Touškov

330 33

Česká republika

Tel.:+420 377 923 030, 377 923 031

Fax: +420 377 923 020

Internet: www.schwer.cz


Basic informations

The company Schwer Fittings Ltd. is multinational enterprise dealing in the area of stainless steel connecting elements for piping. The range of the stainless steel products comprises the following items: fittings, screw-couplings, ball valves, valves, threaded and weld-on fittings, pressure gauges, thermometers, pipes, quick couplers, ball valves with electric drive, electric and pneumatic drives, blind flanges – threaded and with weld necks, flaps, high-pressure screw-couplings, hydraulic screw-couplings, clamp screw-couplings, screw-couplings for diary plants, force-in fittings AQUAPRESS, lever quick couplers CAMLOK, metal sheets, metallurgy material and further range of custom-made stainless steel products. Regarding more detailed information, we refer to our website www.schwer.cz.


Promotional materials

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