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Basic informations

SIDOTRANS Company Ltd. is specialized in purchase and sale of freight cars from 3,5t up to 60t of useful weight: tractors, semi-trailers – canvas covered, folding, freezer, demonstration vehicles, special vehicles for transport of animals, exchange superstructure BDF, small commercial vehicles and consignment sale of vehicles without charge.

We are also able to ensure leasing for all vehicles. We are specialized in car insurance: liability insurance for damage caused by operation of vehicle – liability insurance, accident insurance, insurance of freight CMR, financial capacity insurance and others at very reasonable prices.

More information you can find on our website.

Business premises:
Plzeňská Street 23
338 05 Mýto v Čechách
Highway D5 – EXIT 50

Address and contacts

K sádkám 158

Praha 5 - Lahovice

159 00

Česká republika

Tel.:+420 371 750 086



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