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Basic informations

Production and sale of machinery for repairs and construction of asphalt roads including their maintenances in summer and also in winter season, communal technique for town cleaning, collecting system, and last but not least transport technique for asphalt transportation, furnace oils and driving fuel. For a winter unkeeping it produces GRITTING VEHICLE BODIES in series SYKO, which are intended for road spreading by inert and chemical materials with possibility of spraying; SHARES - the snow shares for snow stripping from roads; STIRRING FOR SALT WATER PRODUCTION - for production or change concentration of saline (e. g. sodium chloride) useful for filling of gritting body; SNOW MILLING CUTTERS AND HURLER. For cleaning and unkeeping of roads it produces SWEEPER BODIES - COLLECTING SWEEPERS - intended for dirtiness cleaning from the roads and hard landscaping including special applications intended for cleaning of landing grounds in make as the rigid bodies for single purpose use or as changeable bodies for possibility of maximal vehicle improvement and also for other bodies; PAVEMENT BODIES - single purpose sweepers for pavements and hard landscaping with high absorbent suction ability in minimal size, which are intended for street and gateway cleaning. WASHING AND WATERING BODIES - makes for an independent washing and roads watering with possibility of water pumping from independent sources. TANKER BODIES - for transfer and driving fuel and LTO release, for transportation of asphalt, furnace oils and emulsions. FEACAL BODIES - for intake, transport and polluted liquids and muds extrusion. COMBINED BODIES - the bodies for cleaning of waste, sewer and dewatering pipelines with possibility of downwash aspiration or in three-combination also hard impure liquids induction. For ROAD REPAIRS, e. g. ROAD HOLES REPAIRS and we produce suitable BODIES FOR PACKAGED MIXTURE TRANSPORTATION - for transportation and controlled release of hot packaged asphalt mixture; MACHINES FOR PAINTING TECHNICS - for spot or full-area feldspathic road repairs; ASPHALT SPRAYERS - intended for controlled coating of liquid asphalt materials or emulsions for roadway surface; FUCING COOKER OF JOINT FILLER - it makes for the sealing of joints in construction and road repairs, especially the bridges, concrete joints, for dilatation filling, etc.; For SALVAGE AND CARTAGE OF COMMUNAL WASTES we produce BODIES OF PRESKO SERIES - intended for salvage and cartage of all kind of communal waste, including 80 % of dust, separated glass, plastic, paper etc. For winter upkeep of landing ground we produce BODIES FOR COATING and spraying by defreezing dilutions. The consultancy for our customers are commonplace in configuration and selection of suitable body carriers and also quick and functional service. The company is certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001. For more information please visit our web page

Address and contacts

Konecchlumského 1100


506 01

Česká republika

Tel.:+420 493 546 411

Fax: +420 493 522 974




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