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COROLL is Czech company founded in 1994. Since its beginning it has supplied top components and devices - bearings, linear lines, ball scews and tools from leading world producers to Czech and Slovaque engineering companies. The COROLL staff provides not only reliable supplies but also large technical and business support and consultancy. We cooperate with our customers in development of new product and we provide them large support during application of supplied components. We distribute the goods to our customers from our central warehouse in Hronov directly or through are network of dealers. COROLL has its branch office in Slovakia, it represents in the Czech and Slovak market firms as NSK, IKO, BEGA. **NSK has its origin in Japan, at present is the second biggest world produceer of roller bearings and has under its control about 16% of the world market. NSK bearings are produced in 44 production plants in the whole world. 11 plants are placed in Europe and about 80% of NSK bearings supplied to the European market are made in Europe. Moreover roller bearings NSK deals with production of linear lines, ball screws and parts for automobile industry. NSK belongs among the top firms also in these fields from the point of view of both quality and production volume. The proof of high quality of NSK products is a range of renowned customers (ABB, AEG, BOSCH, CKD, ETA, FORD, KOVOSVIT-MAS, MERCEDES, MIELE, NISAN, PANASONIC, PHILIPS, SIEMENS, SKODA, TOYOTA, VW and others). **IKO is a leading Japanese producer of bearings with a 50-year tradition. IKO concentrates on production of needle, linear, knuckle, special bearings and it is one of the biggest world producers in these fields. Moreover the bearings IKO also produces linear lines which are used during production machining tools, semiconductors, in autombile industry, **BEGA is a Dutch producer of a wide assortment of tools for mounting and demounting of bearings and other parts.

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