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The company REPONT s.r.o. is engaged in highway and engineering constructions, reconstructions, reparations and services of communications, redevelopment of concrete construction and function of geodesy activitis. In the sphere of bridge construction the company deals with new constructions and reconstructions and reparations of existing bridge properties incuding relaying engineering nets. Then we offer supporting, acoustic, breast walls, concrete and stone pavement, drainage, concrete street area, parking places or waste areas, floors in factory buildings and stores including isolation, park pavements and sport places including equipment. We are engaged in redevelopment of concrete constructions and mainly in redevelopment system Super-Krete® which represent unique and complete system of products for reparation, renewal, improve the quality of surface, protection and decoration of constructions which contain cement binding including ferrous parts treatment. We provide reparations and redevelopment of rifts and cracks on asphalt concrete and cement concrete surfaces, then we are engaged in reparations and bridge ends. We are engaged in locksmith activities – geodetic activities in capital construction mainly in the sphere of highway and engineering constructions.

Adresa a kontakty

Hrachovec 245

Valašské Meziříčí

757 01

Česká republika

Tel.:+420 571 611 252

Mob.:+420 602 324 792

Fax: +420 571 620 911




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